Loving Pilates

Rikke Larsen

Overview of Services:
Supporting women in keeping strong and building strength during and after giving birth.
Women’s only Classical Pilates classes. Semi Privates and Private classical Pilates sessions using classical Pilates equipment.

About Rikke
Rikke has a unique insight into the rehabilitative powers of Yoga and Pilates. Having practiced for general fitness through her twenties, Rikke came to employ these disciplines when in the 34th week of her first pregnancy she suffered a stroke that paralysed her along her left side. It was during her recuperation that Rikke was moved to gain a better understanding of the body’s mechanics which set her on the path to ultimately becoming a Pilates instructor. She went on to make a full recovery and enjoy two subsequent event-free pregnancies.

Rikke’s knowledge combined with her patience and infectious passion for Pilates makes her a highly sought after instructor. Whether teaching a class or private session, Rikke is renowned for her cheerful outlook and inspiring attitude. When it comes to Pilates she enjoys nothing more than seeing her clients build strength they never believed possible.

Rikke continues to attend workshops for Instructors and her first-hand experience of the vital importance of women’s health in pregnancy motivated her to study pre and postnatal Pilates.

Her further training with Kirk James Smith, a second generation teacher, has enabled her to teach using the classical Pilates equipment.

“When it comes to Pilates I enjoy nothing more than seeing clients build strength and flexibility they never believed possible.” Rikke Larsen