Yoga with Jai

Jaina Bhana-Mistry
Manchester, Cheshire & Tameside

Overview of Services:
Yoga with Jai offers a variety of bespoke group yoga classes, workshops and retreats for everyone.
Specialising in pregnancy, antenatal education and postnatal care for women and their families. Our Restore your core courses focus on rebuilding your abs, pelvic floor and back strengthening exercise as well as bonding with your little ones. Small group and one-to-one sessions available too. Combo package, early bird discounts and gift vouchers available.


About Jaina
Jaina, registered Yoga teacher, has been practicing yoga regularly for the past decade. 2008 training with Allie Hill & Toni Roberts in Morocco, Hot Hatha Yoga. In 2016, Jaina trained in pregnancy, antenatal education and postnatal yoga and now specialises in these areas.

During the pre & post natal journey there are many challenges; Physical and mental changes including backache, SPD/PGP, heartburn and mixed emotions for example fear and anxiety are just a few aliments.

Jaina’s bespoke and professional pre/post natal yoga class will empower you and your family towards a positive birthing experience. The classes keep you physically fit, mentally and emotionally balanced encouraging better health and wellbeing. Jaina is a trained and certified antenatal educator, offering workshops preparing you and your birth partner for your new arrival. The guidance will help to clear your birth imprint and help to reduce PND, PTSD for both men and women. Follow our safe restore and recovery programs after birth, focusing on abs, backs and pelvic floor.

Learn pranayama (breathing techniques), dhyana (meditation), asana (postures & exercises) and samadhi (bliss – relaxation). The guided relaxation helps you to feel calmer and more relaxed. Helping to rest and relieve the overproduction of cortisol – the stress hormone.

Experience Jaina’s varied and versatile classes allowing everyone to enjoy all aspects of yoga and be involved in creating a local community.

Yoga with Jai offers 1-2-1 private / small group sessions.

“Yoga with Jai are passionate about empowering and supporting people, on and off the mat through the journey of practicing yoga, leaving you physically, emotionally and mentally balanced in all aspects of life.” Jaina Bhana-Mistry